Umami Mart

Bartender's Toolkit

Price: $125.00

Made by Various

Delight the bartender in your life with this special Umami Mart toolkit. Complete with all the essentials to make the perfect cocktail — jiggers for measuring, mixing glass for building, barspoon for stirring, and strainer for pouring. The bitters bottle dispenses bitters evenly, and makes a gorgeous addition to any bar. Cheers! 

This set includes

● 1 Yarai mixing glass (By Ninomiya Crystal; 500ml)

● 1 Hawthorne strainer (Yukiwa)

● 1 Classic jigger (Yukiwa; 1oz/1.5oz; 30ml/45ml)

● 1 Bitters bottle (TKG; 50ml)

● 1 Barspoon with Trident (Yukiwa)

● 1 Spherical ice tray (Kokubo; makes 3 balls)


All products made in Japan.