The Studio Arhoj Totem Box is made up for three small stacking boxes that create a cute wooden tower. Use it to keep teas, spices, and other ingredients in the kitchen, or to organize office supplies, knickknacks, and other odds and ends throughout your house. Each individual box is divided into one to four compartments.

Because the Totem Box is handmade from natural wood, each one is a little different than the other. No two totems are exactly alike!


  • Made in Copenhagen, Denmark 
  • 7.7" x 4" 
  • Princess Tree wood

About Studio Arhoj

Studio Arhoj is a interior design and ceramics studio led by Anders Arhoj. Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Studio Arhoj was originally founded in 2006 in Tokyo, Japan, where we first met Anders. Umami Mart and Studio Arhoj frequently collaborate on products and projects.