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it's payday. and while this should be a celebratory occasion, i've gotta pay my april rent with this one, which is sadly all but $100 of it. for any fiscally responsible adult, this should be no problem- money made from both paychecks should be equally distributed throughout the month. ha! what a concept! i spend it when i have it--i shop, i eat, i drink-- and then, POOF! it's all gone in record time (at least this is what has happened in the past month). Suze Orman would have a ball with this one.

so to stick with my new year's resolution of "living within my means", i am going to try to eat on $100 for the next two weeks starting today. for those of you that live in New York, you KNOW how difficult this is going to be. 14 days, $100, that's $7.14/day, $2.38/meal . are you kidding me???? i mean, this is a city where charging $7 for a Bud Light is considered NORMAL!

this will be two weeks of cooking, digging far back into my pantry and freezer for improvising, doggy bagging, traveling far to find dirt cheap eating, and possibly groveling-- all of which will be documented for your reading entertainment. remember that part in Half-Baked when Dave Chappelle takes Mary Jane out and he only has $5 in his pocket? yeah, that's me for the next 2 weeks.

i'll be sure to update you daily. let the games begin...

taken on my way to work yesterday, on Franklin Avenue- friggin fantastic. very appropriate attitude for the next two weeks. EAT MY NUTS New York City! screw you and your overpriced cost of living!!! $100/ 2 Weeks/ NYC- it is SO ON!



  • がんばれ~! Maybe now would be a good time for your fast/colon cleanse. Make sure you take pictures and post them.

    ayagwa on

  • This is the blog post I’ve been waiting for! I’m so excited. I mean I’m excited to READ about someone ELSE doing it. But really, it’s time to get creative about eating cheap. I’ll be staying tuned…
    And as for the colon cleanse, …Ladies? It’s spring. Spring cleaning, anyone?

    Dawn on

  • Yes, you can come and eat at my place if you think you are starving.
    I will not charge you. FM

    Anonymous on

  • Haha, it’s Kyle from work. Good luck with that, I’ll give you endless praise if you pull it off! New York sucks in that aspect.

    Kyle Schiller on

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    Anonymous on

  • we will have a natto and hakusai feast!!!

    kayoko on

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