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Remember back in 2007 when I did $100/2 Weeks/NYC??? It actually was a really stressful, painful series full of suffering and no-holds-barred ranting. People seemed to enjoy it though (my suffering) and I often get emails asking me to do it again.

But I just couldn't do it again. Could you imagine living on $100 for 2 weeks in NYC? It was just so fucking miserable. Honestly, in this economy this is just the reality now for so many people, so I shouldn't be complaining at all. But after spending a week back in NYC already, I can't say that much has affected the dining/ going out scene here: there was still a long line to get into Franny's; PDT fully booked; people shivering behind velvet ropes to get into boomboom clubs in Chelsea where Bud Lights are $10. All not cheap. All high in demand.

I'm a tourist here now, here just for another week. I've got people to see, meals to eat... Out. Yet, I'm challenging myself to $100/5 days/NYC/Tourist. Why? Because I spent $300 on dining and drinking here last week and I can't afford to do that again.

You gotta love how I'm acting like I have some sort of income.

When I tell people I'm doing this, they immediately say, "Oh, that'll be so easy!" But I disagree, and actually think this will be harder than $100/2 weeks/NYC. It may be for a shorter period of time, but when you're on vacation, it's really much more difficult to restrain your cashflow- especially in a city where there's so much good food.

Ground rules: I'm housesitting so I have a little kitchen- I brew my own coffee in the mornings, and I don't really eat breakfast except for yogurt in general. No one can buy me any meals, but I can cook, or someone can cook for me- although I doubt I will be cooking too much, considering I've got a few lunches lined up, as well as 4 DINNERS. WTF???

This should be fun. Stay tuned! Best way to keep up is to follow me @umamimart on Twitter. This will be a really spontaneous experiment so who know, I could feasibly just break down at any moment and blow it all at my favorite NYC restaurant. Wouldn't that just be grand?

For inspiration, the above is a pic of my favorite subway station art project by Taiwanese-born artist Jackie Chang, at the L Train Lorimer stop. Faith will keep me counting my pennies; Fate will ultimately decide how much of a fatass I am.


  • You can do it! This is gonna be so fun to watch (rubbing my hands like a fly would).

    yoko on

  • Kayce told me about your blog. So you’re here in NYC? Woohoo! You just missed the snow week. Well, hopefully you’ll be able to hit some of the bars this week or at least tomorrow for St. Patty’s. They do have 50 cent drinks on certain days of the week. You can also check out the site “Time Out New York” to see what’s happening in NY.

    Have fun! Enjoy your vacation. and Happy early St. Patty’s Day! =)

    - Arlene

    A Little About Me... on

  • i have faith in you! you are strong and you can do it! i agree w/ you that $100/tourist week is not much and will be harder than your other series. i can’t wait to see all the twitpics… ;))

    kayce. on

  • Kayoko chan, if you feel like being adventurous and come up to the UE, Agata & Valentino on 1st and 79th offers lots of free samplers around 6pm(such as prochutte focaccia). Once block away, there is a fabulous Izakaya called Naoko-tei, where you can find nice chilled rose and home made ankimo pate. There will be a spring special at Naoko-tei in 2 wks. Bring one Naoko and you get in free! Alternatively, you can bring fumette as a free coupon for Onabe : ) Vic

    Anonymous on

  • Thanks everyone for your support!!! I am scared to leave the house cause I’ll spend money, but alas, I must go… Wish me luck! Faith or Fate?

    kayoko on

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