Sake Gumi
My friend turned 30. My gift for him was a cake. I was going to make some weird shaped cake, such as dick, ass, etc. etc. But I hate working with fondant since I still haven't gotten a knack for it yet. So I decided to make Wolfgang Puck's 16 layer cake, but of course my version.

Somewhere, somehow, it didn't turn out the way it should when I was spreading the batter into the sheet pans. It was way too thin, and I thought it would make it very tough, almost a cookie-like sponge, so I doubled the amount. It turned out to be ok. A lot thicker layer than Wolfgang's, though. Also I was supposed to make 4 sheet pans of sponges, cut in half, but instead, I could only make 3 sheets. Oh well, 12 layers, instead of 16, the same difference, right?

The best part about this recipe was chocolate moose to be in between cakes, which makes one layer as well.

After assembling it into 12 layers, then chilling it for like 2 hours, I cut all the edges, and it became such a good looking cake.

Don't think this is it. At the end, I made a ganace, and poured it onto the cake. Check out how good this looks. Although I used 15 eggs, almost a quart of heavy cream, ton of chocolate, the result was definitely impressive. Happy Birthday Nick!

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