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It's asparagus season!!! They've been at the farmer's market for a month or two now (so I know I'm totally behind here), and they are just so nice to look at, don't you think? There's something really regal about them, luxurious almost--I can imagine Louis XIV snacking on them while sippin' on champagne on his bejeweled throne in Versailles, between killing people and screwing his sisters.

Not only are these spiky things good for you, but they color your pee green, and makes it stink somethin' sour. Asparagus makes your pee smell awesome! Wanna know why? Here's an explanation.

Ok, I admit that the main reason why I love asparagi (or asparagus - plural, whatever) is because they are not only pretty and have a fancy schmancy air to them, but they are also extremely EASY to cook. I am currently obsessed with putting everything in the broiler after Bittman's article, so this is no exception.

This is all you have to do:
- turn broiler on low
- wash asparagus spears
- put them on an oven-proof dish
- drizzle olive oil over asparagus
- sprinkle with salt and crack pepper
- mix asparagus with your hands to make sure each spear is evenly coated with the oil and salt
- put the dish in the broiler for 4-5 minutes

TA-DA!!! That's it! You can serve it just like that. Easy, pretty and good for you. Love it.

I sorta added a few things to this to pump up the pretty factor. I sauteed shiitake mushrooms with oil, garlic, and a little bit of sake and soy sauce. Then I quartered a few soft-boiled eggs* and garnished the dish with it. Doesn't it look nice? It was pretty darned tasty too.

Here's a fun video I just found of Bittman and Batali making risotto with asparagus.

*The Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg
I tried Bittman's method, and it came out overcooked--so I'm going back to the way I've learned how to make perfect hard-boiled egg (Lpono taught me this years ago, she supposedly got it from Martha):
- put eggs in a pot and enough water to cover the eggs
- when the water starts boiling, turn heat off
- let eggs sit in the hot water for about 12 minutes
- put eggs in cold water (as Bittman says, this separates the egg and the shell)

Happy peeling!

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  • apparently some people have the asparagus-pee-smells-funny gene and some don’t…..for the record, i do and i can’t get enough….

    Mel on

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