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My very first post about Bay Area food since I've moved here! Woo-hoo!

Vanessa took me to Anh Hong in the Tenderloin, a popular Vietnamese restaurant boasting "7 COURSES OF BEEF" for only $18.95! Love it!!! From their website, it looks like there are restaurants located all over the Bay Area, and in LA and even Vegas.

I have a crazy obsession with Vietnamese food these days, so I was extremely excited about this (I literally crave Thai Son EVERY DAY). The place was super packed and bustling with families, lovers, and big round tables of people for a party or two.

The food was delicious- it was a great way to try out all the different ways beef is prepared in Vietnam. The table was filled with plates of the requisite wrapping materials: mint, cilantro, lettuce, pickled carrots and radish. Also, they gave us a small bowl filled with hot water, where we softened the rice paper. That was the best! I wish I got a picture of that.

There's something so satisfying about wrapping beef in lettuce and eating with your hands.

All photos taken by Vanessa. Enjoy!
(Sorry, the names of the dishes will be sans all the accents- I am lazy)

Goi Bo- Special beef salad. Refreshing and tart- perfect for a hot day.

Bo Nhung Dam: Slices of tenderloin that comes cooking in its own cast iron pot in simmering vinegar sauce.

Here are 4 of the 7 courses on this plate. Starting left going clockwise:
- Bo Cha Dum: Meat ball mixed with nuts, mushrooms and spices.
- Bo Nuong Mo Chai: Grilled beef sausage mixed with spices and broiled over charcoal to perfection
- Bo Nuong Sa: Chopped lemon grass and green onion wrapped in slices of tenderloin. YUM!!!
- Bo Nuong La Lot: Minced beef rolled in a special aromatic leaf from Hawaii

Chao Bo: Speial beef rice soup. Probably my favorite- it was freezing out and this is exactly what I needed!

Vanessa also ordered her favorite, shrimp wrapped sugarcane. This was definitely an excellent choice.

I highly recommend this place for really excellent food for a good price- I mean it's a friggin beefest for under $20!!! Can't beat that.

Anh Hong
808 Geary Street
at Hyde
San Francisco, CA
T: 415.885.5180


  • Kayoko! I’m sad we’ve lost you to the Bay Area, but you’re in a great spot for Vietnamese. I used to go to school right down the street and pho was always a welcome distraction.

    The “La Lot” you ate was probably betelnut leaf, though some restaurants will swap the ingredient for something local.

    If you get the chance, check out the Northern style hand-cut pho noodles at Turtle Tower on Larkin. I’d love to hear what you think of ’em.

    Tam on

  • I am def. going there.

    CJ on

  • Oh … And I forgot to touch on Mexican!

    Burritos with pollo en salsa roja at La Corneta (Glen Park) are delish. The chicken’s stewed in a spicy red sauce. I usually request that the burrito get a post-assembly grilling to crisp up the tortilla wrap/to keep it from getting gummy.

    The bodega Val 16 sells tamales at the counter. I vaguely remember spicy pork best.

    And finally, the fried corn tacos and the quesadillas at Gordo Taqueria on Solano Ave (Berkeley) are gut-busting forms of yum.


    Tam on

  • Hmmm, it’s been a few years since I lived in SF. But off the top of my head …

    * goi muc (squid salad) at Yummy Yummy (Inner Sunset)
    * curry tofu banh mi, beef and onion banh mi at Cam Huong (Fruitvale or downtown Oakland)
    * Viet at Binh Minh Quan (downtown Oakland)

    Other Asian
    * chicken wings at San Tung (Inner Sunset)
    * Peking beef pie, stir-fried lamb, and chives box at Islamic Old Mandarin (Outer Sunset)
    * mutton curry and let thoke sone (noodle salad) at Burma Super Star (Inner Richmond)
    * bhel puri, aloo tikki cholle at Vik’s Chaat corner (Berkeley)
    * Shanghai breakfast foods at Shandong (downtown Oakland)
    * cumin lamb and other Muslim Chinese specialties at Darda Seafood (Fremont)

    Carbs and Sweets
    * olive bread at Phoenix Pastaficio (Berkeley)
    * pizza specials at the Cheeseboard (Berkeley)
    * canele or whatever bread’s hot at Boulangerie (Polk St)
    * salted caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery (Mission)
    * almond Rochers at Tartine (Mission)
    * morning bun at La Farine (Rockridge)

    * fresh-squeezed Greyhounds at Cafe Van Kleef’s (downtown Oakland)
    * Ethiopian at Red Sea, Addis Cafe, or Cafe Colucci (Oakland)
    * Emperor’s Pancake at Suppenkuche (Hayes Valley)
    * raw oysters, clam and chorizo soup at Hog Island Oyster Co. (Ferry Building)

    Hope this helps!
    Happy Eating, Kayoko!

    Tam on

  • OMG Tam, tell me more!!! While I’m excited for a completely new food scene, I’m also completely overwhelmed by all the eating to be had here. Please give me all your recs!

    I’ve definitely heard good things about Turtle Tower, and can’t wait to go. Once I do, you know I’ll be posting!

    Thanks for reading!

    kayoko on

  • Tam, this should be its own post!!! What an incredible list- I’ll be sure to try them all! Of course, I will report back. xxx

    kayoko on

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