Sake Gumi

Scrolling through my camera card, I just found pictures of Ayagwa and Tmonkey's Chinese Banquet Wedding!!!! I'm sorry I am super tardy on this, but it was seriously one of the best wedding meals I've ever had (the other being Leslie's Siena wedding), so I need to share it here.

You all witnessed Yamahomo's CAKE TRIALS for this wedding, so I will spare you on that. I'm still working on GAY OF CAKES, which will premiere soon, I promise.

This was my very first Chinese Banquet ever, so it was a monumental evening for me! Lucky for us, the banquet was held at NYC's Golden Unicorn restaurant, which I will say serves the best dim sum in Manhattan. I believe Tmonkey's parents hand-picked each course, so of course we only got the best of the best.

I was on the wedding production crew, so I received a meticulous schedule of the meal, entertainment and speeches. Here's a minute-by-minute play of the fabulous 10-course extravaganza, 12 courses if you include the cake and fruit at the end of the meal.

5:45pm: Bad picture, but here comes the groom and the bride!

5:48pm Announcement: Aya is PREGGERS!!! (Picture by Ryan)

5:53pm, 1st Course: Lobster Salad.

5:58pm, 2nd Course: Deep Fried Crab Claw.

6:03pm, 3rd Course: Sauteed Clams with Vegetables.

Swirly clam!

6:15pm, 4th Course: Eight Treasures and Winter Melon Soup.

6:23pm, Eric: "Can I eat the last crab claw?"

6:25pm, 5th Course: Deep-fried Crispy Chicken with Red Beancurd Sauce.

7pm, 6th Course: Braised Vegetable with Black Mushroom.

7:20pm, 7th Course: Pan-fried Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce.

7:20pm, 8th Course: Fried Pine Fish Nut with Sweet Sour Sauce- AGH NO PICTURE!!!!

7:35pm, 9th Course: Bacon and Broccoli Fried Rice. You are so jealous.

7:40pm, 10th Course: Braised E-fu Noodle with Mushrooms. Picture quality testament to my alcohol consumption level.

Love you very much Ayagwa and Tmonkey!!! This is dedicated to you both, especially since I'm sure you didn't really get to actually eat any of it! Thank you for such a memorable evening.