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I took at 10 minute detour into Santa Barbara last night on my way to LA- for TACOS!!! People all rave about SB's La Super Rica, but Peter introduced me to Lily's Taqueria, which I think is superior to Super Rica- at least for tacos.

Why? Because it's all they serve. If you go to a restaurant that only serves one thing, you better bet that they do that they do that one thing VERY WELL. Or else they probably wouldn't be in business, right?

For $1.35, you have a choice of beef, pork, steamed beef, head, cheek, lip, tongue, or EYE.

Condiment bar. Fresh homemade salsas, chopped onions, cilantro, radish and limes. There's also a mixture of onion AND cilantro, if you want it pre-mixed. How nice of them!

I am boring and just got the beef and pork. In retrospect, I shoulda ordered the eyes and head.

Two warm corn tortillas filled with carne asada (beef).

Con adobado (marinated pork).

Seating area is HUGE! Rent must be super cheap- a taco "shack" this would be unheard of in NYC.

Lily's is all the way at the dead end of Chapala, in downtown SB, with views of the 101. Get off at Castillo Street.

Lily's Taqueria
310 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara, CA
T: 805.966.9180

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  • Drool. I am gonna come get this action soon enough… hopefully in April I’ll be back in Cali for a visit.

    yoko on

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