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Look what I found while I was walking through a shop the other day in Man Jose- little cakes and pastries made out of DUNDUNDUN... TOWELS!!!

Designed by a Japanese company, Prarie Dog, this line of Le Patissier towel pastries are so ridiculously darling. They make little individual cakes and slices, and whole cakes too!

I'm finding many sites online that sell them- at $5-10 for the individual cakes ($20ish for the whole cakes), they are quite reasonable and make the perfect gift. Here are my favorites that I brought home for tea time- I am super dorky and had a little photo shoot with my mom's china. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it was fun.

The cake part is made out of towel, while the fruit on top is a little magnet. So darling! And it's so crazy how REAL they look! I wanted to preserve the aesthetic for as long as possible so I haven't taken them apart, but they really do unravel into hand and face towels. Brilliant.

Strawberry shortcake:

Chocolate cupcake with cherry:

Fruit and cherry mousse:

Green tea roll cake:

From shortcakes to rollcakes, they are certainly good enough to eat. You know I have no shame.



  • adorable. delicious-looking.

    ayagwa on

  • Thank god we live in a time where cake towels survive all the way from concept to production.

    yoko on

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