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Just got back from lunch at Google- this time on the main campus. Dude, cafeteria is so ridiculously insane: Indian bar, sushi bar, and an "East Meets West" bar where they had BACON FRIED RICE!!!! It's on the menu once a week, which is to say I will be sneaking in every week to get my bacon rice on. It was quite a miracle dish, I'll tell you that much.

Most importantly though, they had an icebox full of Google branded It's-It ice cream sandwiches. Sorry Google No-Camera Rule, but I just could not NOT take a picture of this.

It's-It is a hometown (SF) institution- since 1928!!! I remember my childhood friend Maria and I used to ride our bikes to the local 7-11 after school and shell out 85 cents for one of these.

With only 4 flavors to choose from (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and mint), it's a simple yet oh so delicious concoction of ice cream sandwiched between 2 oatmeal cookies then dipped in chocolate.

Ah, the taste of childhood!!! Can't beat that. The factory is off of 101 near SFO- maybe we should go there for our next Umamiventure...


  • i have never seen one of these ~ reminds me of the choc chip cookie ice cream sandwiches that used to be on the ic truck ~ but it looks amazing! also, google 3x in 2 weeks or so: [napoleanvoice] LUCKY! [/napoleanvoice]

    kayce. on

  • I forgot to express my bubbling fury. Google can take over geography, the internet and the earth, but ice-cream? That’s just unnecessarily obnoxious. I vote for ice-cream brand ice-cream not Google brand ice-cream.

    yoko on

  • Aghhh!!! This looks so good – nostalgic to the max. My stomach is growling now.

    yoko on

  • omg YES!!! THANK YOU HEYSANDRA!!! i was running the other day and i randomly thought of the coffee flavor and kicked myself for forgetting.

    they sold them at my cafeteria in jr. high and high school too. ah, the good ol days.

    kayoko on

  • Hey, any of you It’s it connoisseurs remember another flavor: Coffee? I recall the flavors you mentioned, but I also remember the coffee flavor as well. I used to have these in jr. high school…

    heysandra on

  • Sweetie, one day here at UM HQ we will have a stovetop full of bacon fried rice and a freezer full of Umami Mart It’s Its. YES WE CAN!!!

    kayoko on

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