"No other steakhouse serves a porterhouse so breathtaking" --Frank Bruni, The New York Times

Mr. Bruni, I coudn't agree with you more. Some of you might already know that I am a huge fan of a tasty piece of steak. Many might also know that I am an even bigger fan of delicious burgers.

Recently I had the pleasure of indulging in both. A few weeks ago I went to Peter Luger Steakhouse (PL) with three wonderful friends, I enjoyed my meal so much that I have decided to share the experience with you. A good friend was in town and my roommate was smart enough to book us a table on a saturday. You see it isn't always easy to get reservations at PL's. Our friend, a steak loving man, was truly delighted when he heard the news that we were off to PL's. For those of you who haven't been, when you walk into the Brooklyn location you can almost imagine the hustle and bustle of its early days. You see the Brooklyn location was established in 1887 and was initially called "Carl Luger's Café, Billiards and Bowling Alley" and was frequented by the predominantly German residents of the area. In fact PL is so old it predates the opening of the Williamsburg Bridge. Holy Smokes!

Anyways back to the meal. Since I am still a hard working student PL's steak prices are a little too steep for me. Luckily for those who are on a budget, PL offers an AWESOME lunch menu that includes a Luger-Burger for under $10! Yes, I am serious!

So since I am on a budget I ordered the delightful yet simple burger. This is not your fancy sauce filled burger, it is a meat lovers burger. The ground sirloin patty is amazing to the taste. The only toppings you get are an onion chunk and cheese all on a toasted sesame bun. SOO GOOD!

To make a long story short I truly enjoyed every bite. What made the lunch even more memorable were the good times shared with my friends AND a Diane Feinstein look-a-like sitting behind me (that's her walking away in the pic!). I literally stared at her 100x. It was great. And it helps to have generous friends who order the steak, wink wink.

Oh and by the way the steak is better to the taste if you let it sit for a few minutes to let the meat soak in the juices.

Peter Luger Steakhouse
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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(718) 387-7400

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  • Sis says,“In Peter Luger’s, it’s Christmas everyday.” I always feel like Tiny Tim in the freezing cold just looking in on the warm festivities of the rich. Um anyways actually I think the waiters are so mean and the food is just decent…but the sauce was good!

    Sonja on

  • My brother took me to Peter Luger’s for my b-day. Of course I splurged on a porterhouse. But my memory of it was that it was a little cold, like it had been par-cooked and then thrown under the salamander right before and then left sitting a little too long.

    tmonkey on

  • giving thanks to the PL Burger. sweet picture! AMEN!

    kayoko on

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