Sake Gumi
Unplanned excursions should be celebrated. Whoever made up the phrase "Spice of Life" was probably a fan of spontaneity.

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Ueno park after getting up around noon. I took the Nikon D200 that I am borrowing from a coworker hoping to capture the scenes of the park. Knowing me though, the highlight of the photo session ended up featuring our lunch - a random stumble into a 7th floor Spanish restaurant called Val. It had been over a year since going to Ueno. Just going to the East side of Tokyo is a huge deal for me. Val made it worthwhile.

The mix paella was wonderful - perfect for two for Sunday lunch. Consisting of mainly seafoods, what better place to indulge than THE place for seafood (Tokyo)? With the abundance of seafoods in Spanish food, I would like to see more Spanish-Japanese fusion foods. C'mon Tokyo, wow me with some Uni-Shiso paella!

For now, I'll settle for Spanish style Spanish food though...

White asparus salad

Hors d'oeuvres plate

Mix paella



  • Looks yummers! I must comment though, on how small the portions are, and makes you really think about how much America overstuffs you… There’s an old-time (and I mean OLD-time clasic) Spanish restaurant on 13th St. (around 6th ave?) called SPAIN. They give you free mussels, and sausage appetizer/tapas. If you order the paella, you srsly need 3 hungry adults to finished it off… Volume is impressive but also not necessarily indication of quality of taste…

    ayagwa on

  • wow looks fantastic. what exactly is on that tapas plate?

    how was that white asparagus? was it canned? i ask cause Marta had some canned in her cupboard, and i wonder what it tastes like.

    kayoko on

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