Sorry, a boring post without photos. Sucks, I know.

Recently I got into a discussion with Kayoko about I was surprised that she wasn't an avid Yelper. I had recently been scouring through Yelp looking for out of town recommendations-- where was the most popular taqueria in San Jose open past 10pm; is there a restaurant in Big Sur nice but affordable enough for a big party, etc. I think Kayoko said something to the extent of "Yelp is just too subjective, like just because someone had a terrible experience at a restaurant in the first 2 weeks of its opening, I wouldn't write a damning blog post about it." Fair enough. Just goes to prove that Kayoko has class. And I don't.

Seriously -- the other day some other co-workers and I wanted to check out this new restaurant in the neighborhood called Ali Baba's Terrace. I checked it out on yelp just to see what the buzz was on the place. The first review I read said "DO NOT EAT HERE." OK, yeah, that's just one person. But other reviews said "nothing remarkable," "boy was that a bad decision," and "I felt compelled to join Yelp after this disappointing and forgettable experience." One person had a good time, but I think she was drunk. After reading these, we decided to go elsewhere. What can I say, I trust those 4 people who didn't like the place.

Another time I was looking on yelp for sushi near our place in Brooklyn (Clinton Hill) and I stumbled upon reviews for Taro Sushi. Located in the small limbo-land on north Flatbush, in between BAM and the cute 7th Ave business, it looked like - from the photos - a TERRIBLE place. Dingy, small, like one of those "sushi" places run by people who are... not Japanese. You know what I'm talking about. But after reading several rave reviews about the place, Tmonkey and I decided to check it out. It was AWESOME! Like, the real deal, more like a real local sushi joint in Japan than any other place I can think of in NY, and delicious fresh fish. We had sushi for two, great, and also a piece of uni. \( ^ o ^ ) / If you're ever near BAM craving sushi, check it out. Geido's cuter, but Taro kicks ass.

Taro Sushi
446 Dean Street
Between 5th Ave & Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY
T: 718.398.0872


  • OMG, When I used to live right around the corner from that place, we went there all the time. It’s great to hear Japanese owned and operated small restaurant in Park Slope is still going strong!

    Yamahomo on

  • nope, not on crack- just did that last weekend. i’m trying to figure out how to make it NOT a huge box though. lemme know if you know anything about customizing that.

    kayoko on

  • Did you just put that search engine on the site, or am I on crack?

    ayagwa on

  • awesome- this has been high on my list of places to go. i actually read that the people who run Good Fork go here, which intrigued me cause i LOVE Good Fork (in Red Hook).

    and Aya- you need to stop writing for Yelp and get back on here!!! jesus what are you thinking? it’s been too long, girl.

    kayoko on

  • you mean you don’t think the LONGASS list of tags aren’t helpful????

    kayoko on

  • i was just going to say, that the useful thing about yelp is the way things are organized. Never mind the quality of information or character of writing. Anyway I think the search engine helps a lot on UM, for sure.

    ayagwa on

  • Tmonkey: YOU ARE THE M A N!!! thanks so much! it looks SO much better.

    kayoko on

  • I have one word for you Kayoko: tagcloud.

    tmonkey on

  • gosh, sorry about that sidestep conversation on here about Yelp and the tagcloud. nevermind all that.

    just went to Taro the other night and wanted to report that it was AWESOME!!! definitely the best sushi i’ve had in NYC (read: best quality, best value). i still have not been to Ushiwakamaru, and do think that Sushi Yasuda is really good sushi but real people can’t afford that, let’s be real. plus, Hua had a really bad experience with their waitstaff, so i refuse to go.

    until now, i’ve usually just gone to Blue Ribbon Sushi whenever i had a sushi hankering, cause it’s great quality at a decent pricepoint. but dude Taro was so much better. wide selection of fresh fish (they even had shako?!?!?) over perfectly warmed rice.

    it totally feels like a dank sushi spot that you would find in LA, which is great.

    highly recommended. thanks Aya for bringing this up.

    kayoko on

  • i went to taro sushi once and thought the place was great.

    fuminatto on

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