Last week I had some fresh chicken livers in the fridge (from a rooster I killed with my own bare hands!!! More about that some other time). Chicken livers are so cheap, but this was my very first time cooking with them! My mama got this new Cuisinart mixer/food processor that I wanted to try out so I thought I would try making some pate. Mmmm pate...

We all saw what happened to my caramelized onions- disaster! But never fear, I always use what I can. I basically salvaged all the pieces that had even a trace of white left in them- my dad always says that char gives you cancer and freaks out at any sign of burn marks. I actually like my food kinda burnt- especially cookies.


So I started out with the caramelized (erm, burnt) onions, and added a couple tablespoons of butter. I looked through a few recipes and just added what I thought were the right proportions, since I had very little livers. What else went in there?? Garlic, some crushed red pepper and fresh rosemary just cause I had some.


Doused all of that with some red wine and added the livers. The red wine wasn't such a great idea, I don't think- you'll see why in a bit.


Stir and wait a few minutes until the livers turn pink inside.


Ok this is when everything got a little frustrating- first of all, I did not know how to work the food processor. Call me retarded, but I just couldn't figure it out. So instead, I used the blender.


I added another tablespoon of butter and started pulsing away. Obviously not the greatest choice cause the blender just refused to puree the livers properly. Plus I totally cut up my hand from the blade when I was trying to get all the pate out. Ugh.


This is what came out- chicken liver diarrhea. I think using the red wine and the burnt onion pieces made it this very menacing dark brown color. The consistency was also kinda runny and diarrhea-like. NOT COOL.


I let it chill for a few hours and WHEW! Thanks to all the butter, it lightened the color a few shades. Now it looked a little closer to what pate looks like, and actually appetizing... kinda???


I gave it a hearty mix around for about five minute and it started to turn pasty and not so chunky. HOORAY!!!

The next morning, I smeared the pate over toast.


Then added fried eggs. Best breakfast!!!


Chicken liver diarrhea porn.


Despite all of the kitchen follies this pate went through, it ended up tasting really good!!! Because the livers were so fresh, it tasted really clean- not at all stinky or overly liver-y. The flavors of the wine, onions, garlic and herbs really went well together. I'm definitely making this again! Next time though, I'm using white wine, and caramelizing my onions without burning them!!!

Cooking is so unpredictable- full of bumpy rides and unexpected twists and turns, it's enough to make you go crazy!!! But that's why we love it.


  • Yoko,
    We are totally channeling each other!!! Can you just find the livers at the grocery store there?? How else do the japanese prepare livers, besides yakitori.

    Todd- thanks so much! Will def try your recipe, and add a boiled egg too!!!

    kayoko on

  • You probably didn't use enough fat when you caramelized the onion. That is why it burned. My version of this:

    1. Wash and dry the chicken livers, make sure you get rid of any bile or gall bladders or else your end product will taste VERY funky.

    2. Put the livers in a broiler pan and broil in the oven for a few minutes, turning the livers over once.

    3. Let the livers cool.

    4. Caramelize the onions in a saute pan with plenty of oil or fat. YOU DO NOT ADD THE LIVERS.

    5. Put the livers, caramelized onions, a bit of fresh thyme, salt, pepper, a bit of a sweet white wine (like cooking sauterne) or brandy or the like into your food processor and pulse a bit—-depending on how coarse you want it. If you're making Jewish style chopped liver, also include a hard boiled egg. this will make the whole thing milder. You may also want to add a neutral oil to help it blend, if you didn't use enough fat when you cooked the onions.

    ToddK on

  • I have made chicken liver pate three times since June! I started with a really simple recipe from a Japanese cookbook which left me with a decent pate, but still a little too livery in aroma. So I did a search and used Emeril's recipe:
    This recipe suggests soaking the liver in milk for a few hours to get the stink out. Although I hate watching Emeril's show, I had to thank him for a really smooth and mild tasting pate without sacrificing the characteristic rich taste of liver.

    yoko on

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