SG + SHG Gift
Akabori Knife

My pops got a new fish slicer-dicer for work. Check it.

Akabori KnifeAkabori Knife

He got it engraved with the family name, or as fancy Upper Eastsiders would say, "monogrammed." AKABORI HOLLER!

Akabori Knife

Kinda awesome (Mifune/YOJIMBO) slash creepy (Mishima/SEPPUKU).


  • Ha- you are clever.

    The company who made this knife is called Masamoto. Their name is also engraved on the side.

    kayoko on

  • It's beautiful. I have a Shun. Not as fancy. And instead of my name on the side, it says Shun.

    The Jerkey on

  • Oh no Connie, your friend got it for you to USE!!! Break it open, you MUST! You will feel sexy just holding it.

    kayoko on

  • That's a sexy blade. My friend gave me an Inox sujihiki, which I'm terrified to use lest I damage it. Its still sitting in the box!

    Connie on

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