Working for a non-profit gives us ample opportunities to drink during work. With all our donor cultivation/ post-program/ gallery opening receptions, the building is filled with booze, literally, all the time. Sometimes when we work late, and hear (or smell) a gathering going on, we go downstairs, get a glass of wine, and come back and drink while typing up something.

Bankers might drink a lot, and people say it's a part of their job. For us non-profiters, it's also part of the job description. Why not take the edge off with cheap wine at the end of the day, right?

Some of us even keep stashes of booze in our cubicles, and whenever we, a.) Have a bad day; b.) Are too hangover; or c.) Just feel like it, we have access to our stash.

Let's take a look at some of my colleagues cubicles.

Person A.
She has visibly 3 bottles of sake (Nanbu Bijin) behind her chair. This is apparently "saved" for special events, but I have a feeling this "special" event may be held among us colleagues.


Person B.
Four bottles of Sapporo, and a bottle of Orion beer. I remember she originally had a box full of beers, so she must be drinking it.


Empty cubicle next to mine.
"Left over" beers that just sit there. I am seriously thinking about investing in a small fridge so that I can keep them cold.


My cubicle.
Evidence A. Icelandic REYKA vodka mini bottle. Empty... My colleague brought it back from her trip there.


Evidence B.
BRENNIVIN The Original Icelandic Schnapps. Again, my colleague gave this to me when she came back from the trip to Iceland. This is supposed to be consumed after eating whale guts or something gross. Hence, it's strong, with a gross flavor.


OMG, I just took a swig of it, and it's horrible. Can't describe the flavor. Rubbing alcohol?

Evidence C.
Zen green tea liquor.  I think we got this as a gift from Suntory when they launched it a couple of years ago. A bit too sweet. I can't believe I keep nicotine tablets (failed attempt 3 years ago) next to the booze, AT WORK. I am so CLASSY.


Evidence D.
The Stoli O that I recently acquired. Someone planned to serve this at an event, but they had plenty of left overs. I don't know why I put it underneath my desk. It may be a natural instinct for alcoholics to hide it, but not too perfectly. I think I should bring this home before it goes empty.


Trust me, I don't drink at work. I mean, I don't drink at work every day.

Happy hour at my cubicle, anyone?


  • I want your job, please.

    Craig on

  • I eat a lot at work. But not drink. Don’t mind swapping, though.

    sakura on

  • This is very hilarious. Nice post.

    Paystyle on

  • I can’t even count how many times we (employees) got totally shitfaced during work events…..

    Yamahomo on

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