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One of my friends became an American recently. I haven't even gotten my green card yet, but becoming a proud American is a big question. When I become old, and need to collect $2 from my social security, maybe I will.

Anyway, he hosted a party at Virgil's in Times Square. An "I became an American" party at a historical BBQ joint is pretty appropriate. Food was very American, not worth blogging about for me. As a gift though, I decided to bake an American cake. All the pictures I saw on the web as reference were pretty generic, with blueberry stars and strawberry stripes. I had to come up with something more fun and exciting.

So I baked red and blue velvet cakes. There isn't blue velvet cake, but instead of using red food coloring, I used blue for half the batter. Layered them, and coated with fondant. Fondant is such a bitch to work with. I watch "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network all the time, and it doesn't look too hard, but, it was very difficult. I should have made a round cake, but instead, I decided to make a perfect square cake, which was a mistake.

On top of that, this was done a couple of days after my thumb injury, so I was crippled as well. Yet, I pulled off an interesting cake. My problem when baking is, I lose my patience. In the beginning I have a lot of fun, but by the end, I get so sick of decorating, and get frustrated by the creams not cooperating with me. Overall, I think it was ok.

Don't you love the "Damn it!" part? Don't pay too much attention on the weird design on the other side. That's when I lost patience and became, like "whatever..."

It was, after all, blue, red and white everywhere. Cake tasted good, but fondant tasted pretty crappy. I should have just used regular cream.

I like baking, but exacting is not my forte, and real cake baking is all about precise measurements, especially when it comes to decoration. Lazy Susan is also a very nice item to have, but I am not allowed to buy any more gadgets!

Soon, I will blog about all the cakes I baked for one of my friend's son. Elephant shape for his 1st, Thomas the Tank Engine for 2nd, and polka dots for 3rd. I missed his 4th, so his 5th has to be an extra special one. Let's see.



    Hamamama on

  • Aww that is sweet. I remember when I (somewhat reluctantly) became an American citizen… My parents and I went out for a breakfast at IHOP’s and then later a gigantic lobster dinner. I felt so ill afterwards swore I would never eat lobster again. That lasted a few months.

    ayagwa on

  • unbelievable! ‘proud’ American?!

    Grasshopper on

  • you baked thomas the tank engine?? how genius. i have to come up with fire engine cake soon (july 21) and about to post an ad on craigslist to find someone who can make one for me and keep her mouth shut.

    mika on

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