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In an ultra-postmodern city such as Tokyo, where sign and meaning are often so far gone from each other, it seems fitting that a cuisine such as American Sushi finds its way "back."

Many visitors from America who come to Japan are often surprised to find out that the sushi rolls we see in the deli sections of American supermarkets are non-existent in Japan. In fact, rolls such as Philadelphia, spicy tuna and caterpillar might as well be alien food to the Japanese.

This said alien American sushi is served up at Rainbow Roll Sushi in Azabu-juban, Tokyo's expat central. The theme of the restaurant is exotic fusion, with a drop of Beetlejuice. A dim inteiror makes guests feel sophisticated and daring in their dining choices.

The food gets quite a high mark in my book. Think California rolls with the tenderest avocado, crab straight from Tsukiji, firm seawead that actually smells like seaweed and just a smear of rice. Because my usual complaint when eating sushi in America is their tendency to pack too much rice, Rainbow Roll Sushi's minimal rice usage is perfect for bringing out the freshness of the ingredients. This is American Sushi using the best ingredients Tokyo has to offer. If the sushi packs we get in the deli section of Safeway are dressed for a picnic in the park, the rolls offered at Rainbow Roll Sushi are dressed up for the ball.

Beef Tataki

Tsukune with Quail Egg

Soft Shell Crab Roll

California Roll

Caterpillar Roll

Maguro and Avocado Tower

Sesame Ice Cream

Rainbow Roll Sushi
2nd floor Monte Plaza
1-10-3 Azabu-juban Minato-ku
Tokyo, JAPAN