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Sunday was a truly beautiful day in Brooklyn- breezy, warm, blue skies dotted with cumulus clouds. The light is changing, it's got an orange glow now, which I think has everyone shaken up, pretending that summer is still not over (cue Weezer: say it ain't sooo!!!)

My friends Kumiko and Troy picked me up and we headed over to the 33rd annual Atlantic Antic, which was a full on street fair, 10 blocks long, raging with food stalls of nearby Brooklyn Heights/ Boerum Hill restaurants, bands, retail vendors (selling everything from kitchen ware to vintage jeans), go-go girls, and belly dancers. I'm serious.

We mainly stayed between Clinton and Henry Streets, which seemed to be where the best food was-- Kumiko and Troy had been to this before, so they had an idea of where to go. There really were thousands of people there, which I would usually try to avoid at all costs, but it was really festive and fun, and the food was pretty phenomenal as far as street fairs go. The best part? We got to walk around on the street and drink beers!

First up, the Waterfront Ale House, which served 3 kinds of locally brewed beers, and some really awesome pulled pork burgers. The pork was tender and spicy, and oh my god, the cole slaw! They put some dijon mustard in there, which added the perfect kick.

Next, La Mancha Restaurant had a huge grill out, bbqing fresh sardines. Seriously, these were the best sardines I've had in a long while- super fresh, simply slathered with sea salt (I'm assuming) and grilled. Genius. They also had a huge pot of paella that was also very good-- with squid, clams, and shrimp. When is the last time you went to a street fair with grilled sardines and paella? Pretty great- and a Don Quixote and Sancho Panza mascot to boot! Gotta go eat at this place soon.

Um, not full yet. We had falafel next-- I didn't catch the name of the place, but it was good. The falafel balls were crispy and hot. I don't have falafel enough- it's something I need to explore more.

To top everything off, we had the very famous Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie. THE BEST. They bake out of Red Hook and take these pies to another level. The filling is tart and creamy, and the crust is just so buttery and crunchy. Heavenly. If you're lucky, these are often on the dessert menus in NYC, although I've only had them in Brooklyn restaurants. A man who looked like he spent most of the year fishing in Florida was selling the pies out of the back of the company van- it was sweet. I asked him if he was Steve, to which he replied, "there is no Steve,"-- which was the perfect answer.

We were stuffed at this point (surprised?), but here are the offerings of the venerable Sahadi's. Despite my satisfied belly full of sardines, bbq, paella, falafel and key lime pie, I was sad to pass Sahadi's up. Next year for sure...



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