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We waited 2 hours for a table last night at Florent, and it was worth it. They were all out of artichoke which was highly disappointing, but my veggie burger on an english muffin with tomato basil mayo made up for it. As usual, the place was peacefully packed with people of all ages and types- models next to grandpas next to trannies beside yuppies.

Everyone who has been to Florent seems to have a special place in their heart for the place (and the man). If you have not been, or even if you have, you must go NOW! Put your name in and go for a walk. Florent, as I'm sure you've heard, is closing this Sunday, June 29th, appropriately on Pride Day. Rent in the meatpacking district got too high and after so many years, the beloved 24 hour diner is closing. Such a shame! I refuse to frequent whatever establishment takes its place.

Get your t-shirts for $20, your menu mementos for $30 and look on ebay for all the maps that adorned the walls... and do one last toast to Florent (the man) for giving us so many memorable and truly New York moments over escargots, mac & cheese or pancakes.

The infamous menu board:

Us with Florent himself:


69 Gansevoort Street
nr. Washington St.

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  • aw, so bittersweet!!! i def have some awesome memories from Florent- most in the dead of the night.

    so nice that it’s going out with a bang! love the last photo Er.

    kayoko on

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