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I was sitting on the couch today, when I received a mysterious package from the UPS man. I opened up the box and found the best surprise that I have ever received via mail. BACON!!! Turns out my friend John sent me some Hickory Smoked and Apple Cinnamon bacon from The Grateful Palate for Christmas.

It arrived just in time because I had thawed out some chicken for dinner. I made a quick change of plans and wrapped my perfectly healthy boneless, skinless breast of chicken in some of the Hickory Smoked Bacon. I am pretty sure it is impossible to get more flavor into your standard chicken breast any other way. It turned my day from a 5 to an 11.

So next time you need to buy a gift, consider bacon. It will make someone smile for weeks!

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  • definitely the best gift ever!!! i like how you incorporated it into your dinner at the last minute. work of a true chef!

    kayoko on

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