I have been baking like a maniac. I can't stop. It's like girls PMSing, and craving chocolate. I am not PMSing, but I have this "need" to bake. As you can see from my battle of macaron, or other various baking business, I am pretty much baking every day recently. Maybe I am too angry at something and I am releasing my bad energy into baking? Do people taste it? Is that why all of my co-workers are angry all the time?

Kayoko takes a day off to go eat at Balthazar. I take a day off, and bake or cook all day. It was last Thursday, a high of 76 degrees outside, but I stayed indoors all day. What's wrong with me?

Maybe I have some kind of a disease. Maybe I am dying, and want to bake as much as possible before I go. Who knows. I might get hit by a hideous looking Pope mobile.

Some of my colleagues have been requesting "melon-pan". Melon-pan looks like a melon, that's why it's named as such in Japan. There are melon flavored kinds these days, but originally its shape resembled melon. It's basically bread dough, covered with cookie dough. Simple.

I used the recipe for honey currant challah bread I made a couple of weeks ago, sans currant. Instead of braiding the dough, I made it into small ball. Then I made cookie dough (whatever simple cookie recipe will do), wrapped it with bread, made lines to look like a melon, let it rise, then baked it.

A little bit burned. Oven is temperamental.
This one especially turned out good. However, due to the fate of home baked bread (without any fake materials), it was so soft when it was right out of the oven, but by next day, it wasn't as fluffy as the pic below.

Despite the springy weather, I might rush home tonight, and bake something else. What's my next battle? (Not that Laduree is over yet). What's other difficult thing to make? Please send your request to 1-800-YAMA-HOMO.


  • I want to eat it. I vote that you try to make PUFF PASTRY from scratch.

    Sonja on

  • i forgot to tell you that my friend Maho, who was visiting from Japan, said that she liked your melon-pan very much (we shared the extra one you gave me). points for you!

    kayoko on

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