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Picked up a bottle, er, a BOX of Bandit Pinot Grigio last weekend at LeNell's in Red Hook. This stuff rocks!!! It was $10 and totally decent wine... in a Tetra Pak!

Hailing from St. Helena, CA, Bandit is made by Three Thieves, a winery who puts out various other wines in status quo glass bottles. The boxed stuff, Bandit, includes a full line with the Pinot, plus a Cabernet, Merlot, and Chardonnay.

I totally dig the neon green, and the funky type. Packaging Whore alert! It's light, easy to pack, perfect for picnics, and most importantly, is the equivalent of 1 1/3 of a normal bottle of wine. Fantastique!

This was a very drinkable, crisp, and fruity Pinot. The girl at LeNell's said that Bandit has a strong following, and is not available just anywhere. Pick it up if you are lucky enough to find it at your wine shop!


  • I like my Franzia better. They are a gallon, and even have a carrying handle.

    Yamahomo on

  • i actually can’t find Franzia anywhere in the city! only in the burbs have i seen it.

    kayoko on

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