Sake Gumi
I was recently in Australia and had the pleasure of shooting at Becco, a classy Italian restaurant in downtown Melbourne. They say their menu is designed to recreate the old style of 1950's Italian fine dining. The interior is chic, simple and comfortable and it's always fun to be able to see into an exposed kitchen. Jack and I had a great meal here as favorite (to eat and photograph) was the stunning Bombe Alaska...go figure!

Stuffed Olive Antipasto:

Strawberry dessert:

Sardine antipasto:

Bombe Alaska...a meringue covered scoop of ice cream. Amazing!

Becco's signature Campari Cocktail:

The restaurant is on a cute cobblestone side street in the downtown area:

I love an exposed kitchen!


11-25 Crossley Street
Melbourne, VIC
T: (03) 9663 3000