Sake Gumi
Japanese people are obsessed with food. When you turn on TV in Japan, it's everywhere. From restaurants to street food to cooking shows, you name it, everything is there. Even 6pm news programs host food segments, which gets the highest rating of the hour. There are so many fun food related TV programs that I am thinking about holding a program on it at work, actually...

But this? It's a bit too much.

Just in case you are not familiar with the show, the program's premise is this: Host (famous Japanese comedian duo Ton-neru-zu, or Tunnels in English) invite notable guests to the table, and each guest eats 4 or 5 items and tries to find out which item the other person hates. At the end, whoever guesses the item wins.

Um, Beckham? He is uber good looking and hot in the western part of the world, but showing up on Japanese TV show with Utada Hikaru, looking at his natto like it's from outer space??

I don't want Beckham to speak since he sounds so dumb. I want him to look just like he is on the billboard.


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