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Beef tongue looks gross. However, that long slow moving tongue of a cow becomes such a delicate dish (if you don't mind looking at the fetus-like part below).

Since I live in Chelsea, I do most of meat shopping at Western Beef, where there are quite a few different parts of every kind of meat. Also the price is soo great. You can buy a whole rack of prime rib for $100. I am talking about the whole rack, not 5 bones. If you have a large party, WB is the place to shop.

I was in the meat isle (it is actually a big ass fridge, and it's always 35 degrees) and found a beautiful beef tongue. I guess I shouldn't call a beef tongue beautiful... I had been thinking about making stew so I bought it. The whole thing was like $10, cheap right?

As you can imagine from your own tongue, the surface is very tough, and it looks absolutely gross. I showed it to my bf, and he almost barfed...

4 hours slow cooking later with lots of good ingredients, very tender meat was served (only for me).

Recipe is something like this:

  • 1 beef tongue

  • 3 cans of demi glas sauce (you can buy this at Japanese grocery store)

  • 1 large onion

  • 1 leek

  • 2 carrots

  • 2 stalks of celery

  • 2 cups of red wine

  • Bay leaf

  • salt and pepper

Boil tongue for 5 minutes, then discard the water. Add all the ingredients and pour water to cover the meat. Slowly cook it for about 4 hours. Take the meat out, cool a bit, then peel the skin off (this was VERY disgusting, but definitely needed). Cut it into individual size. I used hand blender and blend everything into a thick sauce. Put meat back in, cook for about 20 minutes so that meat absorbs the sauce. Serve with rice or mashed potato.

There will be a lot of sauce left, and you can make the best hayashi rice with it (hayashi rice is somewhat similar to Japanese curry, with thinly sliced beef and onion).




  • Hilarious, I guess we of Prussian ancestry have stronger stomachs. My mother often made beef tongue for sandwiches, the most tender beef ever.
    This recipe however looks and sounds delicious; I live in London, Ontario and although David Suzuki grew up here I don't know where to purchase 3 cans of demi glas sauce or even if we have a Japanese grocery store here; I doubt it. I will try to work around it because I was able to buy two tongues for $10.OO at the local FARMERS MARKET.
    Sounds yummy will use potatoes though, as any good Prussian would.

    Anonymous on

  • yum. the stew looks so wholesome. my grandma’s really into beef tongue. she makes salted tongue, which in its final serving state still looks pretty much like you ripped the tongue out of a cow’s mouth and are eating it raw, which can make the eater pretty uncomfortable.

    Razia Sultan: on

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