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Oishii Eats came to town! This was a very exciting event, as it was her first time in NY. We chatted online furiously the night before she got here- where would we go for lunch? I chose Perry Street, Jean-George Vongerichten's Far-West Village outpost.

Seriously, it's the best cheap fancy lunch in town. 3 courses for $24!!! All year, not just Restaurant Week. Jean-Georges Restaurant in Midtown has a $28 2-course lunch (just as exciting) but Perry Street's decor is more sleek and casual.

In any case, I love Jean-Georges, and will eat whatever he puts in front of me. Here's our fabulous lunch...

By now, you should know how I feel about butter: it's the single most important factor in any fancy restaurant. This was creamy, cold and sweet. Just as it should be.
Amuse bouche of sweet potato chowder.
Arctic char sashimi with lemon and olive oil.

Peekytoe crab salad with hot mustard and slivered apples.

Hanger steak with onion tempura.

Crispy calamari with yuzu dipping sauce.

Molton chocolate cake with pistacchio ice cream.

Creamy cheesecake with simmered prunes and blackberry sorbet.
Jeni and I were literally stuffed when we came out 2 hours later- they sure don't skimp on the portions here. I love eating with this girl and this was a fantastic meal. Plus, it's always fun to pretend that we are ladies who lunch once in a while.

Perry Street
176 Perry Street
near West End
T: 212.352.1900


  • OMG…thank you so much for hanging out with me. I had so much fun catching up with you!!!

    Butter was so good. We need to make some butter popsicles!

    Oishii Eats on

  • wow — I was drooling as I looked at every photo — that looks amazing.

    yeah, I hope Hideko isnt reading this site!! :)

    Hamamama on

  • Kayoko, RECESSION!!! Hideko will kill you when she sees all the recent expensive restaurants! I know you want to eat good, but dude, save that for Japan!

    Yamahomo on

  • you’re right — $24 is not bad at all…i’ll get off your back! :)

    Hamamama on

  • $24!!! cmon, that ain’t so bad?!?!

    yes, hideko reads this. yes, she will kill me.

    kayoko on

  • Does it beat his lunch special uptown? Omg who gets to have 2 hour lunches???

    Sonja on

  • this looks like an amazing lunch! i have to go try it sometime!

    danny on

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