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I work on the East Side, and there are many bars around here for happy hour. But I hate them. They are all corporate monkeys who act like they own the world. For us who don't make money, it's quite lovely seeing all the financial people losing their millions. Haha, losers!

Often times I go to the Russian Vodka Room. Not the Russian Tea Room on 57th Street, which is just a tourist joint. This place is serious. It looks like a bar in Moscow (not that I've ever been, but I imagine bars in Russia are like that) very dark, and the clientele are mostly Russian, or Eastern European-ish language speakers. I don't know the difference.

Their happy hour is until 7pm, so you might need to jet out of your work at 5 in order to have a sufficient amount in sufficient time. They have house Cosmos for $5. Beer is $4, but Bud is the only choice for the deal, so you should go with the Cosmos. I don't have a pic, but they are awesome! I am not talking about dinky martini glasses you get at expensive bars. I am talking about 12 oz. or more of a giant glass, filled to the top, and if the bartender makes too much, she will rush you to drink enough so that she can refill it with the leftovers. They have raspberry, mango, pomegranate, ginger, plus some other flavors. They don't use top of the line vodka, but the flavor is so strong, that you don't taste the shitty alcohol, which is the dangerous part. It's a serious drinkers' joint.

In order not to get too shitfaced while it's still bright outside, I usually order their duck pate. It's awesome. The piece is HUGE, and they give you unlimited supply of bread to spread the pate on. Usually we go through two baskets of bread with this.

Last night, we ordered herring and potato Russian style, which was very salty. Unlike the Scandinavian style, it was a bit too fishy for me. I like pickled herring better than this version.

I am telling you, this place is a MUST go. If you don't eat, $20 will give you 4 martinis, which is definitely strong enough that all of your will power disappears, and you end up going to 3 different places into the wee hours.

And I know they have a piano there, and if you stay late (or go again later), you might be able to enjoy some Russian style piano bar...

Go there.

Russian Vodka Room
265 West 52nd Street
Between 8th Ave and B'way
T: 212.307.5835


  • sold! i am GOING! i went there once a long time ago with kayo and her brother and she ordered a horseradish vodka shot thing which was gross (to me). but i quite liked my dirty martini!

    erin on

  • Whz does the paté look like cream cheese?? I used to live right around there why did I not know about this place then…

    Sonja on

  • oh this place sounds awesome.
    perhaps we go with kayoko before she defects to the west…….i want a super dirty martini…..

    Jorge says: I want to try the dirty martini and lose my critical sense.

    fuminatto on

  • dirty martini might not be on happy hour deal, tho. Girly drinks are the only ones for $5. Stick with it, do as Russians do at RVR!

    Yamahomo on

  • Umamiventurehappyhour!!

    Danimal on

  • Oh my god. This place looks awesome. I love salty fish and pate. Not to mention cheap vodka girly drinks. Yum. When I feel like spoiling myself, I get wasted while it’s still bright out. Good to know I can spoil myself for just $20 if I ever find myself in NYC.

    yoko on

  • I love this place. I'm making a Facebook fan page for it. Come on by!

    Gino M. on

  • duck pate and cosmos, that my kind of bar!

    bionicgrrrl on

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