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This week, we're celebrating the history of Umamimart. It's been a long, wild ride, and in lieu of growing up, I thought it would be appropriate to look back and hand-pick some of the greatest posts that have been written-- out of over 1,500!

Umamimart was born in my little Brooklyn studio in February 2007. There was no real strategy, big plan, or vision for the site. I just wanted a place to dump all my thoughts about food, as it relates to other subjects of interest, like art and sexuality. LA VIDA! It's all so intricately woven together, as far as I'm concerned. I wanted to talk about it.

Right away, I invited several friends to join me in Umamimart. I didn't want the site to be all from my perspective. How boring! Isn't life more fun when there's people around? I wanted to surround myself on here with other food lovers, who I also admire for their great senses of humor and lust for life.

As human beings, we all eat. There's nothing special in that. But could we share our experiences in a way that others can relate to them, on a personal level? That's what has always intrigued me the most, and why Umamimart will never be just another food blog. We talk about all sorts of shit on here! May it be about packaging, or boobies, or obsessively trying to master the art of macaron-making. It's insane. And very special. Within these obsessions lay the core spirit of Umamimart.

Please take the time to read all these Best Of posts in the next week. They will be posted in chronological order, from the oldest to present. You'll really notice this shift that I've been talking about.

And even though site is growing up, in reading these posts from the last three years, I know that Umamimart will never lose its silliness, despite its desire to think more, learn more, and ultimately, live more.


Kayoko Akabori

Oaxaca. Mexico
Column: Best of Umamimart


  • so so enjoy tis blog, kayoko! 2007 july, i had leo. before that, eating was closely connected to sex. after leo, eating has become more of surviving (i used to eat 2 bentos bought from japanese street venders in 10 minutes in the lunch room). and now, it is about nurturing. it is about life and to live more. looking forward to read more and more!

    mika on

  • Aw, thanks so much for reading, Mika! It means so much. Isn’t it strange how time goes by so fast? I love what you said about food = nurture. Leo is so lucky to have so much love in his life.

    kayoko on

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