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Bieber Pie

My sister came over the other day with part of an apple pie she had been talking about making for a while. The young, sour apples came from her garden and worked perfectly with the pie. The crust was very crispy on the ends - just the way I like it. She mentioned she always makes her pies from the book Bubby's Homemade Pies.

My favorite that she has made from the book is the blueberry pie with a ginger cookie crust.

But back to the apple pie. She delivered the pie to me in some foil. I busted it open and...

Bieber Pie

Yoko: Oh my god! Hahahaha!
My sister: Oh my! How did he get in there?

There was a Bieber face floating around on the surface of the pie!

Sometimes pranks are meant to be documented and I am glad I went all-out paparazzi on this pie.

Bieber Pie


  • We went Gaga on his ass.

    kayoko on

  • Yes, it does. The pie literally had a golden crisp crust.

    yoko on

  • Everything Justin Bieber touches turns to gold…

    Anders on

  • I’ve never seen pre and post part of this song, especially parts with Vampire Eric!! I should make Vampire tart with this picture.

    Yamahomo on

  • Yamahomo: You MUST make a Vampire Bill on Eric Tart, pronto.

    kayoko on

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