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Born sinner, the opposite of a winner
Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner
- Juicy, Notorious B.I.G.

So I finally opened this can of Moroccan sardines I bought from Kalustyan's ages ago. This can was only 99 cents! Can't beat that. And they are quite good- I got them packed in "spicy oil", which deterred some of the fishiness.
These are packed in vegetable oil, which is a bit heavy, but it's not so bad. I recently tried a can of Bumblebee sardines packed in soybean oil which were also 99 cents, but SO BAD! I'm all about exploring the world of canned sardines, but I think I'm going to stay away from anything packed in soy.

I think I liked the can of Adriatic sardines that Vinka gave me better, the fish were a bit flakier I remember. But the subtle spiciness of these really won me over too.

(After three long months, my beautiful Nikon is back from the repair shop! Note: always use the camera strap, no matter how dorky you may look!!! Forgot how to use this camera though, sorry the pics aren't great)

In this heat, it's hard to work up an appetite, but you gotta eat, right? Just threw the sardines over some cold tofu as is and boiled string beans. Also shaved ginger on top. Nothing crazy, but a nice little meal to cool you down. I also had nearly a full bottle of rose to myself with this. Oops.



  • Biggie never forgot where he came from – that was why he was so REAL! No one could contend with him and his sardine eating past.

    I love sardines on ritz crackers. Learned it from my dad. My dad was from Lithuania. The Russians and Baltics know their canned fish.

    P.J.S. on

  • Mmmm this looks sooo good. Can you make this for me when you visit?

    yoko on

  • Ha, I love how you drink entire bottles of wine by yourself! I thought I was the only one…

    Sonja on

  • ha- really??? i was almost not going to post the picture, it’s so something i randomly slopped together! i’m embarrassed to say, but this is my idea of home cooking- just slopping stuff together. i will make you a feast when i go visit!!!

    and yes Sonja- us SAFs in brooklyn, what else do we have to do besides drink wine alone in our studios? ha. no seriously though, when it gets blazing out, i just can’t stop with the ice cold rose!!! before i knew it, the bottle was over half-empty.

    kayoko on

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