It's blueberry season, and if you have a few hours to drive north of NYC, I definitely suggest you stop by Wildwood Farm in East Dorset, Vermont. They give you a blue bucket with a shoulder strap and direct you towards the part of the field where you'll find the plumpest crop. I wasn't even sure what a blueberry bush looked like until I was sent out into the fields on my own. I roamed around for about a half hour and returned to the farmstand with enough for a pie (even though I had probably eaten enough for a large tart). U-Pick prices make the trip even more worth it- my bucket cost about $4. Sweet deal!

Editor's note: for a complete list of fun farm picking in the lush state of Vermont, visit their agriculture website. A plethora of fruits and veggies await your picking!

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  • blueberries are a superfood! high in antioxidants and good for your eyes!

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