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On Thursday nights, there is a little record shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that turns into a speakeasy type restaurant. Mini cafe tables are pulled out, records pushed aside and the cutest little Japanese girl comes out from the back to greet you. Miss Momo is the creative genius behind Bonjin Diner, and along with Chef Yuji the "diner" prepares home-style Japanese four-course meals paired with a fine selection of teas. We ordered the prix-fixe for $18 and were not disappointed!

I hear next Thursday (1/17) is the last day, so hurry....go! Don't miss out on this little word-of-mouth gem.

Bonjin Diner
at Eat Records on Thursday 1/17
124 Meserole Avenue (btwn Leonard and Eckford)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Nassau Ave. G Train stop


  • this place is truly a wonderful spot- a fantastic selection of japanese comfort dishes with an urban kick.

    the cheese baked curry is a fine example (second pic from top)— really genius dish.

    also enjoyed the omurice with “japanese sauce” (second pic from bottom) which is a fried rice seasoned lightly in a dashi sauce, wrapped with egg, then drizzled with a soy-sauce based concoction- finished with shiitake mushrooms and some daikon radish.

    the assam tea panna cotta (last pic) was also a delight.

    i will miss Bonjin at Eat Records, but Momo says that they are looking for a new venue, so stay tuned!

    kayoko on

  • That looks so cute and good! Omg why am I not there for it….

    Sonja on

  • cheese baked curry…..calling…….name….i can’t believe i live in greenpoint and have not been here….

    Mel on

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