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Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

When Jade's comes into town, it usually means trouble. Trouble in the form of drinking too much, going out for extravagant meals, and not remembering where all your money went the next morning. She's the ultimate enabler.

So... Jade's in town. Mix that with Yoko and Washi right up the street, and I've got a Triple Threat on my hands. There's no turning back.

We all went out on Saturday, and as expected, had an epic evening at my neighborhood pizza joint, Boot and Shoe Service. So epic that none of us really quite remember the details, or timeline. It's all a drunken haze. But that's the true sign of a GREAT NIGHT!

The main points I remember vividly from the meal are:

1.) Excellent service: Laura, our server, is a professional enabler.

2.) Impeccable, AWESOME food.

3.) Lots of laughing. Cackling. Were we being too loud? Yoko remembers "shrieking a few times."

4.) We went through THREE bottles of wine. See #1. She's good.

5.) We closed the place down after being there for over three hours. What could we possibly have to talk about for that long?

That said, I'm the most disciplined food blogger ever, and somehow remembered to take pics of all the food! Lucky for you, cause seriously, this meal was one of the best I've had since moving back to the Bay.


Shrimp and green tomatoes battered and fried. The tomatoes were still crispy. SO GOOD!

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

Melt in your mouth meatballs.

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

Wood oven-cooked egg with pancetta and frisee. We dipped toasties in this-- very simple, clean.

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

Perhaps the belle of the ball, the Bufala mozzarella. @jesus shed His light upon us at this very moment. It was a blob of lavish dairy delight.

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

Let there be light.

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

With the first course, we had a bottle Albariño. Light and crisp and perfect for summer. (Although it's fucking freezing here WTF).

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

It was around this point in the meal that we ordered bottle #2.

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

Thanks to Laura's knowledgeable suggestions, we decided on the Tempranillo.

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)


Boot and Shoe is the sister restaurant of Pizzaiolo, a super popular pizzeria in Temescal-- so we knew we were in good hands.

Marinara, housemade sausage, onions, lightly shaved parmesan (?). Again, simple and clean. Light, thin crust, not too chewy, speckled with char.

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

Our pizzagasm, Laura's favorite on the menu-- the rosemary potatoes with moliterno cheese, pancetta and parsley.

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)


At a certain point during the pizzas, we ordered another bottle of wine. Washi and I gave each other this "let's discreetly order another bottle" look. Neither Yoko or Jade noticed. Such trickery.


We ordered all the desserts on the menu. The chocolate tart sprinkled with sea salt had the butteriest crust-- unreal.

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)

FLASH! God, how embarrassing. Let me be honest and say that I don't remember the canoli or that soft serve thing at the top. Neither does Yoko. WASTED!

Ok, now guess how much all this cost us per person? GUESS. Come on. $100? $120 right? At least?

$70 PER PERSON including drinks AND tip. Is that insanely reasonable for all this, or what? Four appetizers, two pizzas, THREE bottles of vino, and three desserts? Yoko and Washi are used to Tokyo prices and Jade and me from NYC, so this was just shocking. I will put Boot and Shoe on par with Franny's in Brooklyn, in atmosphere, and menu-- but SO MUCH CHEAPER. Plus they make some great classic cocktails.

Thanks Boot & Shoe for one of the more memorable meals/nights we've had in a very long time! Casual, unpretentious, awesome knowledgable service, well-prepared food using local ingredients. LOVE! We'll be back soon (I know... you CAN'T WAIT)!

Boot and Shoe Service (OAK)


  • Oh man, this is making me miss my spot in Oakland A WHOLE BUNCH.

    Please tell me you went to the Alley and paid a visit to Mr. Dibble…

    chiara on

  • After having a mediocre meal at Pizzaiolo a few months back, this phenomenal meal at Boot and Shoe Service reinstated my faith in the Pizzaiolo empire. Totally did not remember all the desserts – probably because I was fixated on the Salted Chocolate Tart. Drool.

    yoko on

  • Of course, Chiara! No neighborhood tour is complete without a visit to The Alley, please.

    This pink building misses you back.

    kayoko on

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