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On the subject of south asian/central asian/middle eastern cuisine, Tmonkey's Nice & Spicey post reminded me that for the first time ever, I had Afghani food a few weeks ago in San Jose (Sunnyvale, if you want to be specific).

I had never thought to check out this mysterious little place called Afghani House- which is literally right next to one of my favorite restaurants in SJ, the Fish Market. The shades are always drawn so it's easy to pass up. It's shameful that I never branch out and try new places when I'm visiting my hometown (er, I always go to the same places here too...)- I need to expand my horizons a bit, so this was a great choice.

Afghani House is pretty awesome. Ornate carpets hanging from the walls, little gold trinkets on shelves. The irony is that it seriously felt like I was at someone's house, no joke. It was just really comfortable. The staff are all really sweet too- there's this one guy there that looks exactly like Steve Martin, he was extremely deadpan, it was hilarious.

They have a pretty expansive menu so I didn't really know where to start. Our server recommended the Qabili Palau (yes, I had to Wiki this), which she said was a popular Afghan dish. Lamb covered in rice, then dotted with raisins and slivered carrots. Really simple and cute- it looks like something Yayoi Kusama would have put together!

I'm trying to get into lamb so I'm ordering a lot of it lately. This was excellent- the lamb was moist and tender, hidden under a mound of rice, and the raisins added a subtle sweetness that is perfect with lamb. There's also this parsley sauce that I drizzled over it which was garlicky excellence. Not sure I was supposed to do that, but I could not stop with this green stuff.

Andy got this chicken dish cooked with spinach, green peppers, onions and tomatoes. Comfort food! Stewed tomatoes are the best.

The meal was really hearty, huge portions, and the restaurant is welcoming in general- like I said, like you're going to someone's house. I love that.

I couldn't stop staring at the next table that got kebab- I'm totes ordering that next time, it looked so good.

Afghani House
1103 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA
T: 408.248.5087


  • lamb is my…frenemy. ha.

    kayoko on

  • lamb is your friend, kayoko.
    repeat after me: lamb is my friend.

    Jud-san on

  • Oh noes! You went to Afghani House!

    It’s good, but Kabul is better. It’s down El Camino, in Sunnyvale, by the library… Get the salmon/lamb/chicken kabob, and the pumpkin appetizer.

    coffeelaine on

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