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here's something i make that is VERY quick, healthy, tasty and also makes for a good lunch.

steam broccoli for about 3-5 minutes, more or less. keep poking at it to get it cooked to your desire-- oversteamed broccoli is the worst.

drain broccoli and run it under cold water.

open up a can of tuna (for me, it's gotta be packed in olive oil. this Genova brand one is only $0.99 at Trader Joe's and is a decent substitute for the canned tuna of Italy and Spain - the BEST, but the imported cans here are too expensive).

tuna goes on top of broccoli. grind fresh pepper on top, and sprinkle with fleur de sel (my friend Fumiko brought this stuff above back from France for me. it's better than MSG, i swear). buon apetito! *k*



  • my mom told me that japan is going through a sea salt “craze” at the moment, so you should be able to find fleur de sel in specialty markets. nihon nara nandemmo aru yo!

    kayoko on

  • um, i’ve never heard of fleur de sel, but i really want it, from your msg comparison. also, canned tuna in olive oil! trader joes never fails to impress.

    yoko on

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