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Sometimes when I'm lazy, I order delivery. And sometimes when I'm lazy, it will be during the middle of the day. When these powers combine, I seek comfort in the lunch special.


My love affair with Thai food began in 2001, when I first tried pad thai and since then, has blossomed into a love of even more pad thai. I'm boring, yes, I order the same thing when I go to Thai restaurants. Then again, I just like to say I use it as a barometer to judge how good the restaurant is by their pad thai.

There are several choices for Thai in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area of Brooklyn. And all of them offer delivery. I tend to bounce around depending on what I feel like eating.

This was my second time trying Khao Sarn. The beauty of the place is not that their delivery is pretty quick, but also they offer online ordering. However, every time I've tried online ordering, it hasn't really worked so I end up calling anyway. That's okay, though.

Their lunch specials are reasonably priced ($6 chicken or veggie based, $7 beef or pork), come with tom yum soup or salad and vegetable spring roll. Because minimum delivery is $10, I had to order two dishes but I'm not complaining. Although my pants are.

Thai Salad

Thai Salad

Really nice salad. Usually the salads that come with any lunch special or meal are simple: lettuce, maybe a few grated carrots, a tomato wedge, lots of greasy dressing. This was a pretty complete salad molded into a tiny takeout box, with lots of vegetables, fried tofu, and a sweet and nutty Thai dressing (which I actually don't like).

Thai Salad 2

Pad Thai with Chicken

Pad Thai

One cannot go wrong with peanuts, egg, daikon, scallions, bean sprouts, tofu, although I cannot even begin to tell you how many times this dish has been messed up for me. I'm not sure about its authenticity, but this is definitely the pad thai I'm used to, with a lime to combat the grease.

Pad Thai

Still slightly warm and not congealed, this really hits the spot when you have that noodle craving mid-day. Not too greasy, but will definitely make you bloated the next day. Lots of nice bean sprouts to add crunch and texture. I'm salivating thinking about this.

Eggplant and Basil Sauce

Basil Veg

I have this weird fondness for everything eggplant, so I often try to get it when I can in any form. I requested that the dish be made mostly of eggplant and they happily obliged. Sauce is pretty spicy, and very basil-y, almost overpowering with basil. Not too salty, which I find a lot of sauce-based dishes tend to be. It's a solid dish. I requested brown rice and this made me feel a bit better about my expanding waistline.

Overall, Khao Sarn is a reliable place for Thai food that's reasonably priced (particularly mid-day), and decent in terms of quality and taste. Fast delivery. Great for those Thai cravings. I've never eaten at the actual location, but every time I walk by, they are advertising happy hour specials. Maybe that is worth checking out at some point.


I am a sushi/sashimi monster. I admit it. I could eat raw fish until each species becomes extinct one-by-one. And I often crave this when I am not near a sushi/sashimi joint, which basically means I'm not in Manhattan or I'm sitting on my behind at home thinking about food.

Obviously, probably the thought of having sushi and sashimi delivered to your door probably turns the stomachs of many a reader. I am not below this, however, and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

When I go all out, I GO ALL OUT. So my usual order is a Sashimi Deluxe from Kyoto Sushi, which is basically the largest sashimi combo there is for 1 person, and in my opinion, more bang for your buck. It's also helpful that when you call in your order, they ask for your phone number and have your address stored so there's no need to keep spelling out your street name and list the cross streets.

Comes with soup and salad. Generic, but you know, a touch you come to appreciate when a lot of places don't just give these amenities to you.


White rice. With sesame seeds sprinkled on top.


I wish they offered brown rice like Khao Sarn. I would be willing to pay an extra dollar or two just to help keep my combat a high glycemic index anyday.

Takeout container chock full of sashimi and sushi: california rolls, imitation crab, shrimp, hamachi, scallop, tuna, salmon, white tuna, and an unidentifiable white fish that I cannot tell by taste.

Sashimi Deluxe

The fish is cut a bit thickly, which makes it seem like a crude sort of meal, but overall, it really hits the spot when you're craving raw fish. The fish is generally fresh, with no strange odor, and the fish color is decent.



Kyoto Sushi also offers a variety of specialty rolls (you know with names like "dragon" and have a lot of mayo in them), various lunch specials, teriyaki, noodles, etc.

I have only ventured outside the fish zone once, and was hankering for some tempura. I ordered the tofu tempura but they gave me teriyaki tofu, but I found out way too long after the delivery man left and I was hungry so I ate it anyway. It was basically agedashi tofu cut in triangles doused in a overwhelmingly sweet teriyaki sauce with mushy onions. Not cool.

So that was two strikes in one. To this day, I wonder what the regular tofu tempura tastes like. Maybe it is agedashi tofu sans the sauce. I would prefer that, maybe dip it in a little soy or something. Le sigh.

For affordable Japanese (not made or run by Japanese folks, FYI) and an authentic Asian deliveryman, choose Kyoto Sushi for your fishy needs.

311 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn NY
T: 718.963.1238

161 Nassau Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

T: 718.383.8882

*Thomas Parke D'Invilliers resides in Brooklyn and covets the Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton luggage set featured in 'The Darjeeling Limited.'