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what can i say, i was wrong about Frank. i didn't think he had the balls to respond to Chodorow, but clearly he's gone flaunting his balls all around town.

Frank's review this week in the Times was possibly the most hilarious piece i've read by him since his tell-all play-by-play as an undercover waiter in boston about a year back. this week, Frank went to a strip joint for a steak.

although i could have done without another review of a steak restaurant (about Frank's 10th in the last 6 or so months), this was the most eloquently written, snide, brilliant FUCK YOU to Jeff Chodorow after Chodorow's letter to the Times Dining editor published a week ago lamenting Frank's zero-star rating for his new restaurant, Kobe Club-- a letter that cost him over $40k (according to the New Yorker).

this week, Frank awarded Robert's Steakhouse one star. that's one more star he gave to Robert, a star that Chodorow would never know. and what's more, this steakhouse is nestled inside Penthouse Executive Club, a tits and ass establishment, where Frank had plenty of creamed spinach, if you know what i mean. sure he loved the tuna tartare and the onion rings and perfectly broiled porterhouse- but he clearly loved his new lady friends Mahogany and Indica more. what started on the front page of the Dining section, ended with a buttery nipple- no joke.

so this is Bruni's comeback- a starry eyed review about a steak restaurant inside a strip club, which is just as gimmicky as a restaurants full of dangling swords. this is his grand retaliation to Chodorow- done with a sense of humor and Screech-induced charm (he's so damn dorky, isn't he?). i was thoroughly entertained from start to finish- i mean, the title of it is "Where Only the Salad is Properly Dressed"- need i say more?

even if you hate Bruni, even if you are totally against this review on the basis of feminist principles or human ethics-- read this! it is truly FUNNY!!!!



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