*TI went to Murray's Cheese Shop on the way home from work today and walked out a lot lighter in the wallet. Who knew cheese could do that?

One of the things that caught my eye was the package of "Burrata Di Andria", apparently the latest import from Italy's Puglia region that is making gastronomes on both coasts cream. Ha-ha. Heh.

OK, anyways, here's what the label read:

Burrata Di Andria
Burratina may just be the penultimate organoleptic experience of fresh cheese.

Step one: take a delicate ribbon of pasteurized cow milk curd barely a few minutes old and stretch it into the shape of a coin purse.

Step two: fill coin purse with dairy gold: fresh sweet cream and "stracciatella" or frayed threads of mozzarella-like cheese and seal.

On its journe from Bella Italia to the U.S.A., this creamy mixture continues to acidify, creating an increasingly tart, gamy flavor.

Step three: enjoy with just about anything, oysters are a classic pairing in Puglia.

Oysters? Murray, you are ON.

I went next door to the Lobster Place conveniently located next door and got 6 Malpeques (I also purchased some medium sized shrimps for to make with tomatoes and spaghetti and garlic, for after the burrata/oyster experiment).

Stay tuned! Gotta go cook now! Aya's almost home!

- tmonkey