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Butternut Squash

Strolling through the farmer's market the other morning, I finally felt that autumn is here. The colors of all the fruits and vegetables are earthier; all the greens and orange hues, bolder. It's my favorite time of year- break out the hats and scarves, yay!

I started going through the butternut squash at one of my favorite booths and a lady (who, I may add, looked like a Park Ranger) started dropping all sorts of knowledge about this particular fruit. Yes, it's a fruit!

You know how the butternut tends to plump out at the bottom? It is cute that way, but did you know that the flatter the sides are the less seeds it will have? It's true, apparently. Look, this barely has any seeds!


Anyway, now you know how to choose a butternut with less seeds. Unless you want the seeds, of course. I suppose you could roast them and munch away?

Chiara sent me over a recipe for butternut squash and mushroom lasagna, which I think will be my kitchen project for the day. In her words, it is, "BUTTERNUT YUMTOWN TRAIN." I'll live Twitter it, so peak through!


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