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What is real Mexican food? I always wonder what really is. All I eat here are 1. Tacos, 2. Quessadilla, 3. Chips and Salsa, or Guacamole. I guess mole, enchilada, stuffed peppers? are also Mexican? West Coast people say East Coast Mexican food sucks, but I just don't know enough about what's good or not.

Though we were in Mexico, Cabo was somewhat fake Mexico. I am sure if we tried, we could have found off the beaten path shithole joint where you can eat as-authentic-as-one-can-get kind of Mexican food, with definitive anal explosion 2 hours later, but we didn't. Also me and Nate who can barely greet in Spanish shouldn't go to authentic Mexican restaurant. On top of that, I hate cilantro, which means I shouldn't even bother to eat Mexican food altogether. This explains why I rarely eat Mexican food.

Since the sun was so strong, and I was totally lobstered, one afternoon, I researched around for a good Mexican-ish restaurant. There were too many fusion restaurants, many of which were Mexican-French fusion (which is going to be part 3 post), but I wanted to taste real Mexico, so we went to Habanero's.

They received quite a good reviews so I had a good feeling. Unlike Le Fonda the night before, this restaurant was located in San Jose Del Cabo, which was a lot easier to navigate and cleaner area. Menu was quite interesting. Very Mexican (at least to me), with some interesting twist.

Here are what we ordered. Ginger spring rolls (don't remember what kind of meat inside). Since the picture of this dish was on their website, I bet it's the signature appetizer. Not Mexican though. Yes, there was chipotle, but overall flavor was soy sauce. Good, but not something I expected to have at Mexican restaurant. After all, they claim they are "creative Mexican food". I just found out the chef is Canadian...

Salad with nuts, mango, blue cheese. I think dressing was a simple vinaigrette, which was pretty good, Aside from mango, it wasn't Mexican (not that mango is Mexican either)

Tuna tartar on crispy tortilla. It was nicely marinated with citrus, and hint of soy as well. Tortilla almost tasted like rice cracker, rather than corn based. Again, good, but not Mexican-ish.

For entree, I ordered "Mexican Sampler". I don't think I need to explain more about this dish. It consisted of what Mexico is known for. Chicken enchilada with mole, grilled frank steak, stuffed poblano pepper, and grilled pepper, cilantro rice, and black beans. So So much food. Everything tasted VERY good. Beef was cooked just the way I liked, mole was very thick, almost chocolate like, stuffed pepper was tender and cheesy. This dish, however, should have been shared with bunch of people, so that everyone can sample some of authentic Mexican food.

Nate ordered chicken fajita. My experience with chicken fajita is at Rosa Mexicana and mesquite sauce I buy at grocery store taste more like teriyaki sauce. This was good, but I wish they used thigh meat. I just don't like breast meat. Again, it was sooo much food.

Does anyone know a place I should go in the city and be like, "aha, this place is as close to authentic Mexican food away from Mexico"?

Blvd. Mijares s/n Int. Plaza los Misiones

San Jose Del Cabo

Tel: 142-26-26


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