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We made a recession trip to Cabo San Lucas over the weekend.

How recession friendly?

Airfare - Miles redeemed
Hotel - my bf is VERY travel savvy and found a crazy deal at Sheraton for $30 a night. Must be computer glitch, since regular price was $350 a night.. $120 for 4 nights, cheaper than YMCA!
Booze - Happy hour from 11am to noon, plus we bitched about some "discriminatory" issues we encountered, and received a bottle of champagne from the hotel, plus we drove to Walmart and got booze ourselves
Transportation - Without knowing any Mexican traffic regulations, we rented a cheap car
5 day trip all in - about $500 a person

Cabo was nice. Apparently many Hollywood celebs go there for weekend trip, which I could see from many many private jets parked at the airport, including Citation X (concord speed, in private jet size). It was 9o degrees everyday, sunny as hell. I got totally burned, but hey, at least I look totally tanned in November, and I am not complaining.

The hotel was located in between two towns in Cabo, San Jose Del Cabo, which is a quaint cute old town and Cabo San Lucas, the spring break destination, and a total dump. Aside from hotel dining, there weren't much to do in the property, so ths first night, we went to Cabo San Lucas for dinner. Driving was HORRIBLE, but we made it there.

Many restaurants are closed on Sundays, and we found this restaurant La Fonda open on Sundays, so we tried. They say it's authentic Mexican food.

Appetizer was interesting. Tortilla with fried potato skins. It's like Japanese lunch, carb with carb, and was an interesting idea. It came with chipotle sauce, and it was tasty.

Mixed seafood ceviche. Though I don't like cilantro, I couldn't ask not to use them in Mexico, so I sucked up and ate whatever was served in front of me. There were many options to choose for entree, and we both didn't know what to order. So Nate ordered soft taco (home made) with chicken, beef, pork and cheese. It was ok. Are we supposed to have lettuce, tomato and onion, or is it American style? Since we didn't know what's standard when eating taco, we just ate as is. They were actually quite boring.
I ordered "La Fonda Pork Shanks". Whenever you see an item with the restaurant's name on it, it usually means it is the best in the house. Falling off the bone wasn't the case on this one, though. I basically had to grab the bone and go at it. It needed 2 more hours of slow cooking, then it would have been good. The red thing on top of the meat tasted like red cabbage, however, it was too papery. It was like the outer layer of onion. Weird.
This experience wasn't impressive. Are we too used to "American" style Mexican food? I don't eat Mexican food that often, but it was kind of disappointing.

However, isn't Mexico great? At regular pharmacy, you can buy anything. If you are depressed and have erectile dysfunction, both can be remedied very easily. La Fonda Restaurant Miguel Hidalgo s/n between Obregon and 12 de OctubreCabo San Lucas, B. C. S., CP 23410 Mexico Phone: (624) 143 – 6926 and 172 – 0176


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