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We splurged at one of the best restaurants in Cabo, which was conveniently located in the hotel we stayed at. We asked concierge to make a reservation, and I casually asked about dress code, and she said "elegant outfit". WTF does that mean? It's a beach vacation, and Nate only had a pair of jeans, and she said she would inquire if it is ok to wear jeans.

If we are going to the Rainbow Room, jacket and non jeans are required since it's a stuffy boys club-ish place. I once got rejected entrance at Gansvoort Hotel because I had sneakers on. I heard some guy got rejected at Campbell Apartment at Grand Central because he had a very stylish outfit but with very stylish sneakers on. Dress codes at restaurants and bars are such bullshit. Dress codes in general is such bullshit. As long as one wears jacket, no matter how ridiculous it looks, or fits him, it's better than a smashingly dressed guy in silver sneakers? Ladies with boobs almost hanging out is very painful to look at, but it's totally ok, but guys with jeans don't get in? How about totally fried hair, or ridiculously long beard, or BO?! Life is not fair.

At the end, we were told it's fine wearing jeans. So we went to the Pitahayas. Many guests were wearing Hawaiian shirts, casual pants with sandals. We had shoes on and even wore jacket. Ridiculous.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this place was Mexican French fusion. What does it mean? I have no idea. To me, everything was more like Mexican Asian fusion. Just like Habanero's, they had a lot of soy related flavors.

Amuse bouche was something I don't remember. I can't remember anything about this, probably because I downed two martinis beforehand...

Bread was pretty good. Totally right off the oven, and Parmesan cheese roll was very tasty.

I ordered coconut shrimp with plum sauce. They were large shrimps, nicely deep fried in coconuts. Plum sauce made it very Asian.

Nate ordered duck in lettuce cup. This is some cheap Thai restaurant appetizer quality.

This is where Mexican French fusion comes in for my entree. Grilled snapper soaked in mango flavored butter. White fish doesn't have much flavor, and this tasted like mango and butter. Very unimpressed. Of course these high quality claimed restaurants won't give you salt and pepper, so I had to drench the fish in butter.. Creamed spinach on right, and lentil on left. I think lentil had some pepper action, which I guess made "Mexican" part of the dish.

Nate ordered three fish medley. Blackened tuna with tomato and mango relish. Seared tuna with sesame coating in yuzu sauce. Salmon in bulkogi sauce, and rice. First of all, if it's three fish dish, use three different kinds of fish, not double tuna. Blackened tuna, because of mango relish, may be Mexican part. As you can see, seared tuna is totally Japanese mimicking. Yuzu sauce was VERY weak. They should have just poured ponzu sauce instead. Salmon was unbelievable. It was teriyaki sauce, but twice as much suger used version. At least his entree had different flavoring compared to my butter.

Conclusion. Cabo is the place for water, pool side drinking, sun bathing. Not for culinary scene, though they claim their food culture is great.

When you hear the best Japanese restaurant in Cabo is called "Nick-San", something is not right.

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