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This is ridiculously overdue, being the last post in my California Soul series which began two months ago (!). Putting together this video has been haunting me, and I finally buckled down and worked on it for your viewing pleasure. It took me all Sunday to make it, so you better friggin love it!

I first read about Blue Bottle from an article in the NY Times (you are so over me referring to the Times- I was seriously disgruntled about Wednesday's Bruni review, but more on that at some other time). They reported this extra-terrestrial coffee machine that cost $20,000- isn't that just insane? Obviously I needed to go see this thing for myself.

I will have a supplementary post soon on how this siphon coffee machine actually works- all I can say for now is that the water boils, then goes up, then comes back down again. All at a very slowwww pace.

The pot made about 2 full cups of coffee, and cost $12. Was it worth it? To watch the magic unfold, I would say yes. Check it out for yourself!

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.
66 Mint Street
Between Jessie St & Mission St
San Francisco, CA

So that's it for my California Soul series. You know, they say that NYC is the dining capital of the world, but these posts seriously challenge that notion. One things for sure- really nice and cute coffee baristas everywhere! Here's a look back at everything I consumed- god I'm such an eating machine:

- Intelligentcia Coffee, pho and the 99cent Store (LA)
- Scoops Ice Cream and Best Fish Taco of Ensenada (LA)
- Park's Korean BBQ (LA)
- Osteria Mozza (LA)
- Casa Vicky (SJ)
- Naglee Park Garage (SJ)
- Swan Oyster Depot (SF)
- Osha Thai Noodle Cafe (SF)
- Joy Luck Place (Cupertino)

UM MUSIC TRIVIA: Name 2 artists who covered "California Soul". First 3 people to email me the correct answers gets a prize- NO GOOGLING!


  • hey Elaine, care to share which coffee shop you work at? i’m from the south bay too!

    i honestly think that my morning coffee from my french press would kick blue bottle’s coffee any day. ha! that’s me being jealous.

    kayoko on

  • Blue Bottle is also briefly mentioned in today’s SF Chronicle. (May 14)
    I work at a coffee shop in the south bay area that is along the same vein as Blue Bottle… although we’d never have the money to install the halogen bar that they did! (We do $9 french presses instead…)

    coffeelaine on

  • also, i have yet to get answers to my music trivia. COME ON! DON’T BE SHY!!! this is supposed to be FUN!

    kayoko on

  • aw Adina, really? thanks for your comment, but i seriously think that you should reconsider eating or drinking out ANYWHERE, if you’re afraid of a little face touching.

    sorry to burst your DOH bubble, but if you decide to eat or drink out, you’re especially more susceptible to germs, and it’s unrealistic to think otherwise.

    people do not become robots when they work in restaurants, bars, or cafes- if they have an itch, they are going to scratch. should they hold out, in an ideal world? sure. but this is just the reality of being human, regardless of whether they serve food or not.

    restaurants are dirty dirty dirty places. should employees try to do everything in their power to make it less dirty? yes. should the DOH try to reasonably regulate the nastiness? sure.

    but don’t ever expect for the guy behind the coffee counter to be anything less than a human being. if he spit in that coffee- not ok. but face touching- you gotta let that go.

    kayoko on

  • This was a great video. Thanks for sharing. While I don’t mean to burst the coffee bubble couldn’t help but notice the barista touching his nose, mouth and nose again during the brewing. Then I bet he poured a cup.
    Was the $12 worth it? Not sure…
    Sorry but it’s just basic food handling – no face touching or scratching of any kind.

    Adina on

  • hey kiwa- what’s Hiroko’s place? omg omurice? where is this???

    i’ve been wanting to do a coffee crawl in the east village. let’s do it!

    kayoko on

  • nice vid! you should check out abraco espresso on 7th if you liked the roast at blue bottle – owner is blue bottle pedigree. no crazy siphon action but each drip is ground-to-order and deelish! their cappuccino’s amazing too.

    also, maybe not the same as a $20k machine…but they’ve got the siphons going over at hiroko’s place in soho. mmm…omurice…

    kiwa on

  • Omg Hiroko’s place…where hotdogs and pasta meet

    Sonja on

  • it’s this random japanese cafe on thompson street in soho. really bad decor but they have manga (manga kissa????) and siphon coffee as well as curry rice, doria and omurice. kondo issho ni ikou!

    kiwa on

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