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When Ryohei (aka Yamahomo) announced that he was moving, the first thing I asked was, "can I buy everything you're selling from your kitchen?" You see, Ryohei is a master chef who truly has the most comprehensive, exquisite kitchenware of anyone I know. He needed to downsize his possessions since he would be moving from his spacious 2 bedroom in Jersey to an itzy-bitzy bedroom in Chelsea--lucky for me!

First thing he offered me was his set of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls for $35. I didn't even ask what they looked like-- I immediately said HELL YES!

From the very moment I laid eyes on the set of bowls, I was in love. All four are in perfect condition, and are gorgeous. The colors cleverly alternate starting with biggest bowl, a retro pea-green color, with little white flowers that go all the way around the bowl; and white bowls with the same shade green flowers. 2 green and 2 white- so cool!

Nowadays, when you think Pyrex, you think clear glass, simple, straightforward containers and bakeware that you get at Target for $5-- extremely functional and nicely designed in their own right. Wiki defines Pyrex as: "a brand name for heat-resistant glass introduced by Corning Glass Works in 1915."

However, through my extensive research about my new bowls, and about vintage Pyrex in general, I have discovered one thing: Pyrex is highly coveted and extensively collected all around the world. It's a cult. There is a black hole of website after website of people professing their love for their funky Pyrex patterns, selling Pyrex from the 50s, meticulously chronicling each Pyrex series, documenting and photographing their rare Pyrex collections, etc, etc. These Pyremaniacs are so devoted! I love them!

Ok, about my bowls: I found most of my information through Pyrexlove, an incredibly informative blogsite for Pyremaniacs. This is what I learned about my beloved set of bowls:
- they were first manufactured in the 60s
- the official name for this style set: "440 Series Cinderella Mixing Bowls Set"
- there is an ID# for each bowl, which is:
#441 (1.5 pint), #442 (1.5 quart), #443 (2.5 quart) #444 (4 quart)

Apparently, there is an ongoing dispute about the name of my particular series (Pyrex has cute names for every single one of their designs)- some call it "Spring Blossom Green" while it is also referred to as "Crazy Daisy". According to a comprehensive investigation on the website "The Pyrex Files: The Patterns Are Out There Somewhere" (how GREAT is that?), the original box states that they are indeed called "Spring Blossom Green"-- Pyrex Files speculates that they were redesigned at some point and were unofficially renamed (note the redesign comparison on the site). Pyrexlove also talks about the differences here.

I had been following my same exact set of bowls on eBay over the week to see how much it goes for (the vast assortment of vintage Pyrex on eBay is never ending- it even has its own category!) . One set ended with a final bid of $20.49. Another one ended without as much as one bid, with its starting bid at $24.99. Maybe that was too expensive for the Pyremaniacs? Eh, who knows. I know I paid a little bit more than the market price, but I'm glad I was able to give Ryohei's set a loving new home. Look at how cute they are nesting inside one another in my garden of tulips and daffodils! Happy Spring! *k*



  • we also have that kind of set at home! cool! i think it’s even older than i am (20 yrs old):D

    Anonymous on

  • Kayoko,

    I remember you mentioning your Pyrex bowls on my tea party post. They’re lovely! And I don’t think you paid too much, gotta factor in the shipping cost when you buy it off eBay.

    Wandering Chopsticks on

  • Wandering Chopstick- your tea party post definitely inspired this one. keep me updated on all your bargain kitchenware finds!

    Anonymous- I just bought a matching bowl with a lid! awesome!

    Thanks Linda! I’ll be in touch with you soon about my very lovely set of plates with green and gold trim.

    kayoko on

  • Glad you enjoyed PyrexLove! I have the same Spring Blossom cinderella mixing bowls and they are the best! Your photos are wonderful.


    Anonymous on

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