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This week I went to a champagne reception at Adour Alain Ducasse, the 6 month old restaurant inside the St. Regis Hotel in NYC. I was there taking pictures of a reception for supporters of the James Beard Foundation, and in walks Mel Brooks. Everyone of course wanted me to take their picture with him. He, however, seemed to be taken with me. Oui, moi! He came right up to me and asked what my name was. He reached out and held my hand and said "Erin, You're beautiful. Are you married?" No, I said, but I have a boyfriend. "Well," he replied, "He should marry you. You're so beautiful. You two should have a couple kids."

When I managed to stop blushing I asked him if he got mobbed by admirers everywhere he went, and he said yes. He wasn't even invited to this reception, he just happened to be at the bar of the St. Regis and wanted to see the new restaurant's wine cellar. (How wonderful to be greeted with such affection everywhere you go!) After a bit more flattery, a glass of champagne, and a viewing of the incredible wines on display (this man knows his wine!), Mel moved on to charm more ladies and have more photos taken. As he was leaving, however, he hollered in my direction, "Erin, I love you! Goodbye!" and was out the door.

Quite a character, this one....

The french macaroons (by pastry chef Sandro Micheli) were to die for! I had 3.

A variety of different chamapagnes were provided by Henriot. The best they said was a Cuvee des Enchanteleurs 1995. I have no idea if I even tried that one. They were all good to me!

The bar that seats 4 people:

Some of the wines on display in the dining room



  • FANCY! nice Er, way to get Mel dizzy. ironically, i just watched the Roma portion of HISTORY OF THE WORLD PT ! the other night- pretty hilarious.

    what a lovely event to shoot for! i have heard good things about Adour, but maybe a bit too stuffy for me? the charcuterie there is supposed to be amazing.

    as always, beaut pics.

    kayoko on

  • OMG I want to marry Mel!

    Yamahomo on

  • OMG! I’m soo jealous (in a good way, of course)!
    Do you remember the wine Mel had? Red or smth. else?

    Oh, and it’s Mel’s Bday tomorrow! Our beloved Melvin Brooks turns 82! Can you believe it?!
    Life’s just startin’ :D

    Pobedochka on

  • hi pia-

    send me an email: and i’ll try to send you the pics. ciao!

    erin on

  • Hi Erin!
    Great pictures. That was such a great event. You took a few photos (at Mel's urging!) of my friend & I with Mel…he's quite the flit. I would love to see the pix!
    – Pia

    Pia on

  • Mel is totally a red wine guy. He told me he was not too into the whites. Seriously- he knew so much about wine, I was amazed!

    erin on

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