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Sorry I have not been blogging- I'm more bummed about it than you are, trust me. My laptop screen went black on me and I need to get a new computer asap but my sources in Cupertino tell me that there are fun surprises to be revealed at MacWorld in January... could it be true???

Ok so enough lamenting and onward with blogging. Here is my new chicken bag, that I have been dying to tell you about. It's really kinda creepy, but fun, and I love it- the chicken gets a lot of stares, gawks and compliments on the subway. It's made of rubber, and was only $25 at the little French tchotchke* shop Pylones. With the holidays in just a few weeks, this is a great gift idea for all the foodies in your life. Fill it with eggs for the best give ever!

And no, this is not a schill. I just love my chicken bag and want you to get one too. Here she is posing for Umami Mart. Ain't she a beaut?

* I just learned this morning that this is the way tchotchke is spelled. Who knew???


  • good lord… is that going to be on your arm tonight? :)

    kanshefle on

  • you are a totally fashionable “chick”.
    that thing is pretty awesome.

    Kristi on

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