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They say that NY is the dining capital of the world- but what is the glory of that if you can't even find decent burrito here? Mexican food in NY is so pathetic it makes me want to cry.

So when in San Francisco, you must get your burrito on whenever you possibly can- yes, yes, of course the Mission is best known for this (hence the "Mission Burrito"). But here's an awesome place in the Outer Richmond district, that is my new favorite place.

Chino's is a colorful, weirdly spacious, clandestine burrito joint that takes up 2 storefronts. Everything you need to know is painted on the window in the front- no frills, no bs, this is it.

The house specials here:

And full menu here:

A small counter where you order, as they assemble.

Drumroll please... my burrito!!!

I got the chile verde roast pork. OMG I'm seriously drooling right now as I'm writing this- the pork was mouthmelting. It was quite exquisite.
Andy got the broiled chicken, the pollo asado. It was friggin delicious! The chicken was so flavorful- not sure how they do that. He got his with the green spinach tortilla- look at how pretty this is!
A nice-sized seating area. It's funny how they use this space- it's just really HUGE. And please, you gotta love the water cooler.

Really awesome murals on the walls- all the colors make me happy.

They unabashedly shove all their supplies in the back corner of the room. It's pretty hilarious, and adds to the whole charm of the place.

Someone please send me a burrito and horchata NOW.

Chino's Taqueria
3416 Balboa Street
Between 35th Ave & 36th Ave
San Francisco, CA
T: 415.668.9956