Sake Gumi
Been craving a fancy meal so I called around to try making reservations- but all the restos I want to go to in Bay Area is CLOSED for Labor Day. UGH! How does anyone expect me to stimulate this wilting economy if you close your establishment on my day off???

Gary Denko: closed!
Chez Panisse: closed!
Zuni Cafe: closed!
Slanted Door: closed!
Boulevard: closed!
Manresa: closed! (they're always closed on Mondays though)

A16 is open, but it may be a shitshow if everywhere else is closed. If you have any recommendations, let a girl know!

*Irony in all of this is that my parents' restaurant: closed. The restaurant where I work, who is giving me a day off: closed. It's a double-edged Labor Day!


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